ものつくりしはじめた当時2010年前後は、カトマンズでの寺院ライブのグッズのデザインや準備させてもらったり。フジロックにも何度か出演したヒマラヤンボブことbobinと、dead headsなkotangの繊細で大胆なギターが絡み合うデュオに、三河ならではのスペシャルゲストも登場して盛り上げます!リオールも短い時間ですがポップアップストアにて参加しますので、是非お誘い合わせの上、GOOFYまでお越しください。

今回ボビンの来日は、新宿LOFTにて行われる、新宿LOFT元社長で、いまはなきシゲさんの追悼フェスからのツアーの流れで、しげさんの地元吉良で、地元にロックを!という思いでやってきたrock on the rockを開催していたその場所に出来た次世代のお店がGOOFYです。


On 5.25, bobin came to Japan and LIVE with Amakusa kotang in Kira, Aichi Prefecture! In Nepal, it was this bovindai that gave me the first opportunity to start making things in Kathmandu, and his home is a famous garment factory in Kathmandu. When I started making things around 2010, I was able to design and prepare goods for temple concerts in Kathmandu. The duo of Bobin, also known as Himalayan Bob, who has appeared in Fuji Rock several times, and Kotang, who is a dead heads, intertwines with the delicate and bold guitars, will be livened up with special guests unique to Mikawa! Although it is a short time, Lior will also participate in the pop-up store, so please invite us and come to GOOFY. This time, Bobbin will come to Japan at Shinjuku LOFT, and with the flow of the tour from the memorial festival of Shinjuku LOFT and now defunct Shige, Shige's hometown Kira, rock to the local! GOOFY is the next-generation store that was built in the place where Rock on the Rock was held. With all my heart for Shige's rock spirit! Please join us for this event, which will be held with a deep connection!